Mayfield facts

The Mayfield Clinic is one of the largest neurosurgical practices in the world.

Mayfield physicians have held leadership positions in the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Ohio State Neurosurgical Association, and more.

Our physicians have pioneered advancements in neurosurgical instrumentation and technology, including the Mayfield Headrest, the Budde-Halo Retractor, the Mayfield Clip, and the Mayfield ACCISS image-guided surgery system.

Mayfield has over 20 specialists in neurosurgery, interventional neuroradiology and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The Clinic treats 20,000 patients from 35 states and 13 countries in a typical year.

Our surgeons perform over 5,000 surgical cases and nearly 14,000 surgical procedures each year.

Mayfield has surgeons in every neurosurgical subspecialty.

Through Priority Consult®, our physicians review case histories of thousands of new spine patients each year. Nearly 80% of these patients recover without surgery

 Board Officers

 Conditions we treat

Brain and spine tumors
Acoustic neuroma
Pituitary tumor
Aneurysm, AVM, hemorrhage
Carotid stenosis, stroke
Moyamoya disease
Head injury
Chiari, syringomyelia
Facial pain & Hemifacial spasm
Back & neck pain
Degenerative spine
Scoliosis, kyphosis
Herniated disc
Spine fracture
Spinal cord injury
Carpal tunnel
Parkinson’s & Essential tremor